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Why use professional dog grooming?

Why use professional dog grooming?

Posted by slrweb in News, Tips 14 Nov 2014

If you love your dog then you want to do what’s best for them, and this, of course, includes providing regular exercise, feeding them well and showering them with affection. On top of these daily concerns there are larger scale matters such as taking them to the vets for either specific problems or to ensure that their various inoculations are up to date. All of this will be done by any caring dog owner without a second thought, but somehow the idea of professional dog grooming is still looked upon, in some quarters, as being something of a luxury. To many people, even those who truly love their pets, dog grooming is felt to be the preserve of pampered pooches, and is something which the average family pet can get by without. As long as you brush your dog regularly and bathe them when they finish a walk covered head to toe in mud then they’ll be fine, won’t they? The answer to that is no, because professional dog grooming is about much more than simply making sure your dog looks their very best – although that in itself is a huge plus point – it’s about using the grooming process to promote good health, cleanliness and all round happiness.

If you’re looking at your dog, wondering whether or not to have them groomed by a professional, then the answer may well be prompted by the kind of coat they have. Breeds with long coats such as the Bearded Collie, the Afghan Hound and the Yorkshire Terrier will be obvious candidates for a session with the clippers and brush, but even shorter haired dogs such as Bulldogs, German Shepherds and Labradors will benefit from professional grooming, for the simple reason that it is about much more than the state of their coat. That’s part of it, of course; if your dog has long hair which tends to get tangled and matted then they will be uncomfortable, with the knots of hair pulling on the skin beneath, but a through shampooing, brushing and clipping carried out by a professional groomer will also deal with any parasites such as ticks and fleas which may be lurking and is a fantastic way of spotting health problems – such as canine dermatitis – before they become serious enough to warrant expensive vet treatment. A dog which has been washed with the kind of specialist products used by professional groomers, and then clipped to the correct length for their breed, will feel comfortable, cool (or warm) enough and, quite literally, happy in their fur.

It’s not all about the fur, however, since a professional dog groomer will pay important attention to the rest of your pets’ body. This starts with nail trimming, which is much more than simply a diva-dog style pedicure. If a dogs claws are left to grow too long they can cause multiple problems, from curling back into the pad and causing painful infection to splitting or affecting the posture of your pet, something which can, in turn, lead on to joint pain or lameness. A ‘padicure’ at the right time can prevent all of this, which makes it look like more of an investment than an indulgent expense, as do treatments such as cleaning your dog’s teeth and ears, two stages of the professional grooming process which can go a long way towards preventing problems such as infection and tooth decay (not to mention dog breath).

At the end of a pampering trip to a professional grooming parlour, your pet will be cleaner and more comfortable, health problems will have been spotted or prevented and your home and family will reap the dividends as well.