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Treat Your Dog like Royalty with our doggy spa day!

Treat Your Dog like Royalty with our doggy spa day!

Posted by slrweb in News 12 May 2015

There was a time when having your dog groomed was seen as something of a luxury treat, a bit of pampering which only the most regal and spoiled pooches could expect to enjoy. This conception has shifted over recent years for two reasons. The first is that a regular grooming session is much more than a frivolous treat, and consists of processes far more vital than a simple shampoo and trim.

Although a clean coat, of the right length and in good condition, is important to your dog’s well-being, an in-depth grooming session is about much more. It’s about dealing with vital parts of the body like the teeth, ears and claws to make sure they remain in excellent condition. It’s about spotting the early warning signs of conditions which would otherwise go on to cause illness. And it’s about leaving your dog feeling comfortable and happy, with excess fur, knots and other problems dealt with and removed.

The widespread understanding of the above is only one of the reasons why dog grooming has long since ceased to be a niche ‘luxury’ service. The other is that many people treat their dog as a genuine part of the family – indeed, if you’re thinking of bringing a dog into your home, this is really the only sensible way of regarding them – and part of this involves wanting to treat them to a taste of luxury.

Your dog will enjoy the pampering of a shampoo and trim every bit as much as you do, so why not take things further and book them in for one of our doggy spa days? Perhaps it’s their birthday, or you just want to show them how special they are to you, but either way, our spa days offer a range of treats for dogs which will genuinely leave them feeling as if they’re being treated like canine royalty.

If it is their birthday, then we’ll present them with a handmade, personalised doggy birthday cake and some tasty ‘pupachinos’, delicious, nutritious drinks made from goats milk. Why goats milk? It’s a natural source of proteins vitamins and minerals and, unlike cows’ milk, it hasn’t been pasteurised and so will be extremely easy to digest without any intolerance to lactose.

Our luxury spa day – birthday or no birthday – is crammed with treats designed to leave your dog feeling relaxed, replenished and rejuvenated. Starting with a one hour walk in the green and pleasant surroundings of Richmond Park, followed by lunch with a choice of delicious menus and a steady supply of organic dog snacks, the spa day will also include a bath, massage (designed to increase circulation, improve flexibility and boost muscle tone), ‘pawdicure’ and a relaxing stretch on our doggy sun loungers.

As if all that wasn’t luxurious enough (and can there ever be such a thing as ‘enough’ luxury?) we also treat our dogs to canine herbal tea. This is supplied by the Woof and Brew herbal dog tea company, and comes in flavours as exotic and delicious as:

• Calendula, dill, dandelion, ginseng and skull cap

• Astragalus, fenugreek, ginseng, rooibos and lime flower

• Burdock, dandelion, flax, nettle, rooibos and seaweed

The different blends help with things like performance, digestion, glossy coat, bad breath and general well-being, as well as being a delicious and delightfully indulgent treat.

Taken as a whole, our spa day and birthday packages are a delightful way of showing your much loved dog exactly how loved they are, as well as ensuring that they end the day feeling on top of the world.