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A dog is for life, not just for Christmas

A dog is for life, not just for Christmas

Posted by slrweb in News 11 Dec 2014

The phrase ‘a dog is for life, not just for Christmas’ has becoming something of a cliché but, like many clichés, it has endured because it contains a large kernel of truth. Every year, thousands of children across the UK put a puppy down on their list of Christmas gifts and, sadly, every year far too many parents succumb and actually bring a puppy or dog into the home. Of course, there’s always a chance that you are one of the more responsible dog owners, someone who takes the trouble to read advice on looking after a puppy first, and who is fully aware of the investment needed in terms of both time and money. All too often, however, people find themselves seduced by the few moments they spend playing with an adorable, eager to please little creature before they take it home, and it’s here that the realities of toilet training, chewed furniture (and walls) and a small, frightened young animal that spends most of the night crying begin to kick in. Add to this the fact that many people rush into buying a puppy from unregulated suppliers who may not be handing over a completely healthy animal, and you have what is undoubtedly a recipe for disaster. The sad fact is that many of these puppies or dogs then end up being abandoned although, thanks to organisations like the RSPCA, the vast bulk of such dogs eventually find their way to loving long term homes, with 8.5 million dogs estimated to be enjoying life as pets in the UK (Source: RSPCA)

Enjoying life is really what loving your dog is all about, and that means you and your family enjoying the fun and companionship of a loving animal, whilst your dog gets to enjoy the kind of pampering and special treatment we owners tend to take for granted at this time of year. Book your dog in for a professional grooming session this Christmas and you won’t just be giving them a seasonal treat and a makeover for the Christmas family photographs, you’ll be providing a timely boost to their health and happiness, and the fact that it probably costs a lot less than you think means that this needn’t be the preserve of the pampered pooches of the rich and famous. Indeed, the average scruffy mongrel will probably appreciate a few hours professional grooming all the more, and will emerge looking every inch the Crufts contender.

It’s not all about looking good, however, since a visit to a grooming parlour will flag up the kind of health issues which will normally only be spotted on a trip to the vets, whilst the treatments provided will stop them happening in the first place. If you’re not used to pampering your dog in this manner, then you may assume that it’s simply a question of a wash and dry, a quick trim and a neat little bow tied around their collar. A top class grooming parlour will offer much more than this, however, since dealing with matted, knotty or dirty fur will not only transform the appearance of your dog it will help them to feel comfortable and neither too hot nor too cold. As well as a fur transformation, your dog will be given a ‘padicure’, a nail trimming session which, again, is all about comfort and good health as much as it is aesthetics. Claws which are trimmed to just the right length won’t grow into or damage the pads of your dog’s feet , whilst the process of cleaning your dog’s teeth and ears will help to prevent infection in either of these sensitive areas. Envisage the vets bills you’ll be avoiding by spotting problems early or preventing them occurring in the first place, and it’s plain to see that a professional grooming session is every bit as much a sensible investment as it is a lavish treat. Your dog can’t tell you what he or she wants for Christmas, of course, but if they could, the chances are that a while spent being indulged at a professional grooming parlour would sit pretty much right at the top of the list.